Accomodation, meetings, seminars
in historic and idyllic surroundings.

In picturesque surroundings near Mundheim in Hardanger, Nestunet offer accommodation for groups up to 16 people. Nestunet is ideal for intimate seminars, strategy- and representation meetings, or family-/ private stay.

No more than an hour and a half from Bergen, but yet far from the busy office life, Nestunet is an ideal start for rare adventures of scenic nature. Here you will find excellent conditions for foot walks, sea-fishing and dear-hunting.
The boat-house have freezer and accommodations to gut and clean fish.

Nestunet is situated on the Nes farm near Mundheim in Hardanger. The farm is run full time with cows, sheep and forestry. The estate is a total of 370 acres.

"Idneståva", is a fully rehabilitated typical house from this region from 1863, and has been rebuilt to its original style, but with modern facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower. The house is parted into two flats, each of approx 80 sqm, with separate entrances. The house can accommodate up to 16 people on a total of 5 double beds in 4 bedrooms, in addition to a sleeping couch in one of the flats, and extra mattresses on the loft-room.

We are open all year, but May and June can be particularly picturesque with the flowering on the fruit trees and other colorful vegetation. Also the autumn colors and the crispy clear autumn breeze gives a remarkable nature experience. On bad-weather nights in the autumn you can also experience eel-fishing.

In the summer there is plenty of possibilities for bathing and fishing. We have our private little bathing place with a boat-house and brew. It is only 7 km to Skogseidvannet which is one of Norway's best fishing waters. We also have our own little trout-lake. Boat is included in the rent.

Local traditional food can be delivered from local suppliers, or you can prepare your own food in the modern kitchen, if you prefer. We can also arrange outdoor barbecue or we can create a warm atmosphere inside the "Eldhus" with light on the fire.

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